Luxury bed and breakfast Hotel

Casablanca Belle & Boutique is a luxury hotel located in Cartagena’s historic center, with all the features for a fabulous stay in the city. Here you can choose among all types of hotels, but if you want the best, come to our luxury bed and breakfast hotel.

Cartagena is a charming tourist destination in the beautiful and diverse Colombia. It is classified as such because of the beauty of its beaches and its artificial landscapes comprised of remodeled republican houses, museums and parks that together adorn the historic center of the city.

Particularly, in the historical center also known as ‘Corralito de piedra’, our visitors can admire the typical handicrafts of the Colombian Caribbean region, try our delicious sea food, have a refreshing coconut water, visit the Gold Museum and capture a unique moment with the popular ‘palenqueras’.


The best luxury bed and breakfast hotel in Cartagena

A crucial point in every trip is the accommodation. When it comes to exclusivity and good taste, one of the best options is to stay in a hotel in the historic center of Cartagena.

A hotel in the historic center of Cartagena has certain privileges that other hotels in different locations of the city do not have. Among these privileges we can count on the proximity to restaurants, shops, parks, historical sites to visit, various means of transportation, etc.

Casablanca Belle & Boutique is a luxury bed and breakfast hotel in Cartagena that has the above and more. This hotel is distinguished by its elegance, simplicity and comfort and offers everything you need for an unforgettable stay: luxury rooms, restaurant, swimming pool, spaces for events and romantic packages, among others.

You are going to spend a wonderful night and you won’t have to be worried about what to eat the next morning because we have all it planned: we are a luxury bed and breakfast hotel that takes care of its guests in all senses and wants you to start the day right, with a delicious and healthy breakfast.

You will have a stay full of unique and memorable moments at Casablanca Belle & Boutique Hotel!