Find out a magnificent hotel in Cartagena

Casablanca Belle & Boutique is a hotel in Cartagena (Colombia), with elegant and comfortable spaces, luxury rooms, which has the excellence in the service to the guests as its overriding and distinctive factor.

The city of Cartagena is one of the most acclaimed tourist destinations in Colombia and in the world in general. This qualification is due principally to the history enclosed in its walls, parks, monuments, houses and other emblematic sites.

Likewise, to the curiosity generated by its buildings due to the events that took place in them and its surroundings, is added its natural beauty: The incandescent sun that lies on it, the sea that many men crossed to surpass its walls and the quality of its people, who receive with outspoken and helpfulness to outsiders.

By the above, it has become imperative that the city has optimal spaces that meet the needs of its visitors; also that it bases on the excellence of its infrastructure and the education of those who are at the service of tourism.


Casablanca Belle & Boutique: Everything you are looking for in a hotel in Cartagena

In Cartagena there are countless sites to meet the demands of accommodation of tourists; who can choose among hotels, hostels, holiday apartments, with a variety of styles, prices and benefits.

A hotel in Cartagena must have comfortable spaces, trained personnel, a variety in its services, suitable prices, among other features. A hotel in Cartagena that meets those specifications, referring to the highest standards of its kind, is the Casablanca Belle & Boutique.

In this hotel in Cartagena, we can find exclusive designed spaces, luxury accommodations; as well as areas for events such as weddings, anniversaries and packages for special dates and weekends. Other amenities aire its heated swimming pools, massage service, Wi-Fi and a terrace with barbecue equipment; from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of other sites in the historic center.

Casablanca Belle & Boutique, a luxury hotel for an exceptional stay in one of the best tourist destinations. Visit us!